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key Allison Mooney

APS (Accredited Professional Speaker)
Workplace Trainer
Conference Speaker
Director of Personality Plus South Pacific and Australasia
Advanced Personality Plus Certified Trainer

Allison's speaking style is both entertaining and informative. She shares engaging stories, delivers powerful learnings, and always brings a call to action. Allison draws from her travel industry experience and a variety of consulting projects with public and private sector organisations to infuse humour and wisdom into her presentations.

As an international professional speaker, Allison has received enthusiastic praise, both oversees and at home in New Zealand. This includes endorsement from her peers. She is the only person to have twice been awarded "Speaker of the Year" by the Auckland branch of the National Speakers Association. This award honours speakers whose skills, performance and professionalism have been an inspiration to other speakers. Allison was also nominated for the hotly contested "Most Humours and Entertaining Speaker" by the Auckland branch.

Allison is one of only 11 professional speakers in New Zealand to hold the Accredited Professional Speaker (APS) designation. This title is only given once a speaker has completed a certain number of professional speaking engagements and receives testimonials from clients who vouch that the content of those speeches was of high calibre.

Allison's area of expertise is people skills. She says "Understanding the personalities of people has been the key to my career success. It has come into play with staff management, dealing with demanding/discerning customers, and forming partnerships. I even credit if for the close personal relationships I share with my friends, children, and husband of 38 years."

Before becoming the Director of Personality Plus South Pacific and Australasia in 1997, Allison applied her knowledge of personality in the travel industry. She set customer-service benchmarks in the Airline industry as Manager of Ansett New Zealand and Qantas' First Class Lounge.
Alison is the Co-Author of Read my LIPS and How to Successfully Navigate the Marketing Minefield.

Allison is qualified as an Advanced Personality Plus Certified Trainer having completed certification in the USA. After hearing Florence Littauer speak and reading 17 of her books, Allison registered to attend "Training for Personality Trainers" in the USA. She has been back to the USA four times to upskill and also to became an "Advanced Certified Trainer". This allows her to use "The Personalities" content developed by Littauer's public speaker training organisation CLASServices. Allison is also the CLASServices gatekeeper for the South Pacific and Australasian region.

Allison's application of personality theories has earned her the respect of her clients including:

bullet AMP
bullet ANZ Bank
bullet IRD
bullet Telecom
bullet Commerce Commission
bullet Guardian Healthcare
bullet Insurance Brokers Association of New Zealand (IBANZ)
bullet Carter Holt Harvey
bullet Chamber of Commerce
bullet Drake International
bullet House of Travel
bullet Housing New Zealand
bullet Toyota
bullet Air New Zealand, Polynesian Airlines, Qantas Sales, Lufthansa Airline, and Ansett
bullet L'Oreal Professional
bullet Works Infrastructure
bullet Combined Rural Traders
bullet Westfield
bullet Fonterra
bullet Heritage Hotel
bullet P & O Cruise
bullet The Corrections Department
bullet Project Management Institute of NZ
She has worked with a number of management groups including money managers, business developers, operational developers, legal executives and sales executives. See feedback from Allison's clients.  In addition to more serious work with private and public sector clients, Allison has used her personality expertise for reality TV! She analysed the 10 contestants for the first Treasure Island series. She also chose the family for Pioneer House.

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