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Employee Assistance

Employee Assistance refers to a cluster of ways in which an independent provider can support employees and managers through times of change, transition or trauma.  

Whether the issues behind an employee's negative experience are related to the workplace or their private lives the effect may be the same.  If an employee is struggling with pressures, trauma or negative attitude it is likely to affect their productivity and the attitude of others around them.  While employers are rightly wary of venturing far into the private lives of their employees or trying to play social worker or counsellor, to not provide the opportunity for support and assistance can result in a serious loss of both productivity and regard for the company.

An independent Employment Assistance provider is often appropriate.  At times of workplace restructuring, uncertainty or pressure personal issues seriously undermine morale and performance.

The confidentiality and independence offered by an indepentant provider contracted by the employer means employees know they have been supported by the employer while being free to work through issues and feelings that would be inappropriate within the employment relationship.   The result is likely to be positive for all parties.

At Lukey Resources we can offer a range of services for employee assistance, either on a 'just-in-time' basis (as occasion arises), or on an on-going 'in-sourcing' basis (becoming a regular extension of your company).

Employment Assistance Services


Personal Support Services:

  • One-on-one mentoring  - An opportunity to reflect on experiences and get more perspective.
  • Workplace counselling  -  An opportunity to explore underlying issues and how you respond.
  • Preparing for re-employment - Assistance in identifying transferable skills and experience and presenting these in ways that will enhance employment options.
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