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key Learning Faster-Working Smarter

We help organisations learn faster and work smarter. We provide live and digital resources to engage people, tap their talents and align their energies. 

Our Story

A pioneer in the private training and development field, Lyall Lukey Resources Ltd was founded in 1987, trading under the brand Lukey Training Resources. The company's SmartNet initiative started in 1997. As our network has grown and we've added new capabilities we've shortened the name to Lukey Resources.

Since 1987 we have produced a number of multi-media training programmes and 30 training and promotional videos. We have run many training programmes in the areas of personal, team and sales development and developed customised team learning resources.

We have carried out several strategic planning, culture change and team-building initiatives for public and private sector clients.We've also organised meetings, conferences and special events for clients as well as more than 100 of our own SmartNet events since 1997, including since 2007 the annual Education Leaders Forum. We've also run the annual Seismics and the City forum in Christchurch since 2012.