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Organisation Development

  Strategic Map-making
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  Team Development Resources

We can help clarify your organisations development goals by using our Living Organisation Development process.

This views organisations not as economic machines but living entities confronting the challenge of responding quickly to fundamental changes in the environment by sharing knowledge and acting upon it.
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People Development

    Personal Development Resources                                 
    Professional Development Resources                                               
   Team Development Resources 
A people strategy is what makes a business strategy happen. The key is to strike the right balance between informal and formal learning.

We design, develop and deliver learning resources for managers, team leaders and work teams to provide stepping stones to the future.
By developing your intangible assets we help to create long term capability, profitability or accountability. 

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Business Research and Writing

Our associate Brian J. Dooley is experienced in completing a wide range of projects for an international clientele especeially but not only in the IT and telecommunications sectors.  Projects he has undertaken include: Market and technology research, including technolgy overviews, in-depth analysis of current status and investigation of key issues for business, government and for future development.  Magazine features, white papers, public relations features and case histories.  Online documents, Web pages and multimedia user manuals for hardware, software.

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