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"Keeping active can increase your brain power.  Scientists have discovered that the human brain can improve with advancing years, dispelling the common belief that mental faculties peak in their twenties" Steven Swinford and Richard Kerbaj * Brain power peaks in the silver set

Flexible Collaborative Opportunities

Are you underemployed or (about to become) retired or semi-retired, but feel that you would rather be re-tyred so that you can share your brainpower, skills and experience helping to unlock the talents of people in the workplace?

We have a lot of untapped opportunities and underused resources to help people in workplaces and learning spaces throughout New Zealand learn faster and work smarter

We would like to talk to people in their silver years about stimulating collaborative opportunities for carrying on learning and earning by working on interesting and challenging projects for client organisations.


Because new studies have overturned the notion that intelligence peaks in the late twenties. In fact, the older the better in many respects.  

More mature people are more likely to be rational than young people because their brains are less susceptible to surges of dopamine, a feel good  hormone that can lead to impulsive reactions. Researchers have found that older people are able to retain a range of skills effectively.

Expert knowledge, such as that needed for hobbies or particular skills, is stored in brain cells known as dendritic spines, which seem to be protected against ageing. So, in terms of The Attack's classic sixties hit, it really is Hi Ho Silver Lining!

Despite slower brain speed, older people solve problems more efficiently, drawing on cognitive templates of how they resolved similar problems in the past, especially in helping to turn ideas into action.

What we offer

The opportunity to retain your independence and flexibility while generating ideas and income with the support of like-minded colleagues in an action learning resource hub and club at the centre of two established business networks.

If you would like to discuss flexible ways of sharing marketing support and personal and organisational development resources in mutually beneficial ways, please e-mail with your contact details, outlining your expertise and your goals.

Meet Silververve Team Members Lyall Lukey and Malcolm Bell.

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