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"...unlike conventional assets, knowledge grows when it is shared." Dr Karl-Erik Sveiby

The keys to surviving and thriving are what your people know and do and how well they collaborate. 

Lyall Lukey Resources Ltd was established in 1987. Under the trading name Lukey Resources we help organisations throughout New Zealand learn faster and work smarter.

We provide live and online in-house resources and courses to engage people, tap their talents and align their energies. View our People Development Resources and our Organisation Development Resources

Under our other brand SmartNet, which started in 1997, we run live and on-line events throughout New Zealand, including the annual Education Leaders Forum since 2007 and annual Seismics and the City forums from 2012-2016. See our Conferences Resources including Speakers and MCs.

Our strength lies in our national network of consultants, facilitators, coaches and speakers.                                                   

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Engage people and quickly turn ideas into action plans

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Sharing your mature knowledge, skills and experience