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Improving Performance

Top sports teams don't see training as an optional extra: it is deemed to be essential to their success. In business training, as in sport, the key is to focus on upcoming challenges.

Business training and coaching have to fit into the organisation's strategic direction and values and need to demonstrate that they make a real difference.
People can be intellectual giants but performance pygmies. The outcome sought is not more head knowledge but better performance in key areas. The focus should be on real opportunities and issues.

Application in the workplace and the marketplace is the key. Spaced reinforcement builds performance momentum as does the regular use of resources which turn principles into practice.

We use action learning techniques, plus on-going coaching or online support where appropriate, to reinforce learning messages.  ...more>

Assessment Tools

We support organisations working through people development challenges.  Our associates have access to a wide range of human resources development (HRD) tools.  ...more>

Needs Analysis

One of our consultants can engage with your senior management or team leaders to map strategic capabilities and identify learning and development needs.

As in medicine, the key is correct diagnosis. We use Skill Indicators and other diagnostic techniques to customise training and coaching programmes for individuals and teams.

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Organisations thrive when people turn experience into learning.  Managers need to have a safe context to reflect on both the detail of their own performance and the big picture.  In this way they can learn from all experience, positive or negative.

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In any work place, people seek feedback about their strengths, areas for development and preferences. Their preferences will define the roles that they are suitable for and will enjoy.  The challenge for managers and leaders of organisations to develop the self understanding of their staff.

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Much staff training needs to be on the job training and coaching in systems, procedures, knowledge sharing and specific job skills.

We can work as your virtual Learning & Development team on your real world, real time opportunities, problems an issues.  Your people learn and grow in their own environment.  You save time, travel and other cost and do what you do best. ...more>

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