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We support organisations working through people development challenges.  Our associates have access to a wide range of human resources development (HRD) tools.

We use (a combination of) the following tools:

A.  Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ)

This "competency set of the workplace" was developed by SHL ( the publisher of the OPQ assessment inventory), and is used worldwide.  It will help the assessed client establish:

a.  what the organisation needs
b.  what the natural preferences of the client are
c.  what the development issues are

B.  Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) / ALTI

The MBTI is more like an interpersonal development instrument than a test.  It is based on the personality type theory of the Swiss psychoanalyst Dr. C.G. Jung.  This MBTI is used worldwide to give individuals, teams and organisations great opportunities for development.

C.  Competency Analysis Development Tool (CADT)

This tool is the next stage after the MBTI / ALTI test and feedback.  It supports the client with more insight about their personal development issues.  The CADT is often the real start of the coaching process.  The one-on-one Jungian based Board Game test results are best used to assist peoples' understanding of their strengths, areas for development and preferences.  These preferences identify what roles the person is suited to and will enjoy the most.

During and after this coaching process, people are able to make better choices about career change and personal development.  Better choices result in benefits for the employer and employee such as: more energy, better work-life balance, experiencing less stress, and better relationships with co workers and family.

CADT includes

bullet Stage 1: One-on-one Board Game (to be completed after the MBTI / ALTI session)

bullet Stage 2:  Feedback time (2 hours, one-on-one)

bulletStage 3: Personal report and advice about interpersonal development issues (a starting point for further individual coaching)

D.  Belbin Team Role Analysis Test

The team-role theory of Dr Meredith Belbin was based on extensive research and observation of managers.  From this, 9 successful clusters of behaviour were identified.

bullet 3 Action oriented team roles - Shaper, Implementer and Completer/Finisher

bullet 3 People oriented team roles - Co-Ordinator, Teamworker and Resource Investigator

bullet 3 Cerebral oriented team roles - Plant, Monitor, Evaluator and Specialist

By using Belbin's questionaire, teams can find out what their behavioural tendencies are and adjust roles, behaviours, or members accordingly.  We use this test for teambuilding purposes.  The Belbin Test can be done individually as well as in a team setting.

Would these tools support your assessment of people development within your organisation?

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