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In any workplace, people seek feedback about their strengths, areas for development and preferences. Their preferences will define the roles that they are suitable for and will enjoy.  The challenge for managers and leaders of organisations is to develop the self understanding of their staff.


We approach individual, team and organisational development issues with a combination of:
1.  Coaching: at an individual and/or team level
2.  Consultancy: at a HR/CEO level
3.  Assessment Tools: used to identify relevant organisational and personal development goals

Individual & Team Coaching

"...We can achieve quantum improvements in our lives as we quit hacking at the leaves of attitude and behaviour and get to work on the root, the paradigms from which our attitudes and behaviors flow."
Henry Thoreau

At work, people experience pressure to produce real outcomes and contribute to the organisation's goals.  Accordingly, finding the "space" for reflection and integration is not easy.  People rarely have time to devote to their own development.

People may value an opportunity to reflect on their experiences, explore developmental options and develop their repertoire as a leader or team member at regular short coaching sessions.  They may benefit from being able to talk about what is happening in their lives with an experienced and attentive coach in a one-to-one setting.

Our coaches provide people with a context for open dialogue.  The coach facilitates a structured but informal conversation and plays a non-judgmental role, much like a trusted mentor.  Good coaches support and listen.  But they are not passive listeners.  The coach also actively questions and reveals different views of peoples' current situations.  The coach helps people define and move towards their preferred future.

The coach will help people understand their current situations, analyse the implications and suggest steps they can take to resolve and improve as a leader/team member.

The coaching session is not just an aimless chat.  It is a structured dialogue, or conversation.  Using active listening, open-ended questons and convergent interviewing the coach supports and challenges people.

The coaching relationship will provide people with:

bullet Challenges and support
bullet Personally tailored programmes of development
bullet Flexible scheduling that fits into busy timetables
bullet Proven ways of examining situations, styles and options
bullet An experienced coach guide
bullet A confidential focus upon their needs
bullet A relaxed but structured context for conversation
bullet Strategies to solve problems and make effective decisions.

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Executive Coaching Programme

This programme would begin with the Competency Analysis Development Tool (CADT), and be followed by 10 x 1.5 hours sessions of individual coaching.

After evaluating the CEO pilot process, senior management may also wish to undertake the process, including the MBTI / ALTI test.  The results of the OPQ tool can be used in the Leadership Development Programme during the individual coaching process.

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