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Organisation Development

Strategic Map-making

We facilitate in-house strategic exercises using the Accelerated Planning Technique to convert woolly ideas into clear organised thinking, get buy-in and simplify action plans focussed on achieving performance goals. ...more>

Leaders Retreat

In order to really advance your top team needs to take quality regular time out and retreat! A Leaders Retreat offers quality time and space for board members and senior leaders to update the organisation 's vision and strategic planning by focusing on the big picture ...more>

Change Leadership

Open dialogue increases organisational learning and effectiveness. Our facilitators use a Living Organisation template to map desired change paths and engage your people ...more>

Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration

Most companies are good at auditing their tangible assets but not so good at evaluating and growing their intangible assets, including the things people know and do. We can assist senior managers to create an environment for collaborative knowledge sharing. ...more>

Meetings & Conferences

As the co-ordinators of more than 50 SmartNet events (view feedback) we can add dynamism to your next event by assisting with programme design, speakers and much more ...more>

Speakers and MCs

Our database has more than 100 speakers, facilitators, mcs to enliven any conference ...more>

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