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Open dialogue increases organisational learning and effectiveness. Our facilitators use Appreciative Inquiry, Cognitive Edge methodologies to harness the brainpower of all your people. We can help clarify your organisations development goals by using our Living Organisation Development process.

Cognitive Edge

Cognitive Edge is about 'sense-making' in contexts of complexity.  Simple methods of analysis and consultancy are not useful when working with complex, messy or narrative data.  Cognitive Edge is a suite of tools and methods that enable organisations to detect emergent patterns and weak signals from data.  Cognitive Edge accredit practitioners to use and adapt the approach to particular situations and needs.  At Lukey Resources, Graeme Nicholas is an accredited practitioner of the Cognitive Edge consulting approach as well as a practioner of Appreciative Inquiry, soft systems and open space methods. 

Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry offers a consulting approach that builds on the established capabilities of an organisation.  It recognises that every enquiry or investigation is a kind of intervention because to enquire or investigate is to focus attention on particular questions and experiences.  Appreciative Inquiry harnesses this reality by drawing on experience of the organisation at its best and then collaboratively designing responses that build on the demonstrated existing capabilities.   At Lukey Resources, Graeme Nicholas is an experienced and trained practitioners of Appreciative Inquiry.

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