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Malcolm Bell
is a practiced, accomplished facilitator and leader, sought after for his innate ability to put everybody at ease and help people find innovative solutions to challenges and opportunities. He is a truly collaborative leader who strongly believes that organisations have answers to their challenges and opportunities already within their own ranks. His expertise is bringing these answers out and moving an organisation on. His friendly disposition coupled with a keen, self-deprecating sense of humour, creates a positive, can-do atmosphere and prevents tension getting in the way of progress ...more>

Birgit Maier Birgit has extensive experience in the field of change management and organisational development. She manages her own consultancy and specializes in the facilitation of strategic change initiatives.
Birgitís experience in the management of strategic change across both government and business organizations ideally places her to assist management teams to grow sustainable businesses in todayís post-earthquake environment. In addition, her training as a social worker has enabled her to counsel and support both staff and management who are experiencing stressful change in both work and non-work environments . ...more>

Craig McDowell is a leadership learning and development coach and facilitator and has previously been a Leadership and Management Adviser at University of Canterbury. He has developed a specialisation and high level of knowledge in coaching and mentoring in a variety of sectors - business and education. Areas of leadership he works in include: team development, adaptive leadership and change, collaboration, emotional intelligence, and strategic planning. . ...more>

margaretflanagan Margaret Flanagan is an expert facilitator in the areas of One to One Communications, Effective Presentations, Public Speaking, Training the Trainer, Conflict Management and Handling Difficult Customers. ...more>

Peter Coldicott is an adventurer, serial career changer, family man, philanthropist and Lifestyle Creator, keynote speaker and trainer. He advocates his "Design Your Own Life" philosophy ...more>
Jana Lyn Holly has integrated her expertise in training and visual communication to develop Mindesign, an innovative method of thinking that is utilised in graphic facilitation and presentation design. Mindesign used the power of the verbal metapor, visual symbols and cognitive questioning to create powerful mental designs. ...more>

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