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key Jana Lyn-Holly


Jana Lyn-Holly is a pioneer in the field of graphic facilitation. She has integrated her expertise in training and visual communication to develop Mindesign, an innovative method of thinking that is utilised in graphic facilitation and presentation design. Mindesign uses the power of the verbal metaphor, visual symbols and cognitive questioning to create powerful mental designs.

An internationalist, Jana arrived in New Zealand in 1986 on contract to AIT (now AUT) as a senior lecturer in art and design. In 1990, she began her research into accelerated learning methods and creativity in the workplace. She recognised that leadership in the Information Age required fundamentally different ways of thinking.

Jana founded Leading Light Communication Ltd (now Mindesign International Ltd) in 1992 to create a strategic bridge between leadership and the arts. Her graphic facilitation work is part of an integrated approach to business and community cultures that combines with digital design capability.

Her unique ability has contributed to the success of conferences, seminars and meetings in the corporate, education, government and community sectors.

Influenced by the work of Peter Senge and principles of learning organisations, Jana recognises the value of collaborative design. Through her artful process of Mindesign, she has drawn out key concepts of some of the most innovative thinkers in New Zealand, Australia and the USA.

Mindesign Ltd has designed strategic presentations for clients such as: Air New Zealand, Heinz-Watties, Fletcher Challenge, Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs, NZ State Services Commission, Telstra (Aus) and National Australia Bank.

Mindesign specialises in supporting culture change through art-based processes and products:

 bullet Conference design and delivery
 bullet Training and seminar support
 bullet Distinctive public speaking and presentation design
 bullet Graphic facilitation
 bullet Identity programmes

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