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key Birgit Maier

Birgit Maier,B.A. (Psychology and Social Work) Honours ; MBA, PROSCI certified, has extensive experience in the field of change management and organisational development.

She manages her own consultancy and specializes in the facilitation of strategic change initiatives.

Birgit believes that organizations are most successful when all employees participate meaningfully in the process of organizational change. Birgit contributes both her business and interpersonal skills to facilitate change processes that result in more successful, relevant and sustainable organizations. She empowers employees by promoting a culture of collaboration and by encouraging and respecting their contributions.

Effective organisational change management is particularly relevant in these stressful times. Many Christchurch organisations are growing their businesses and increasing capital spend to keep pace with escalating demand, while facing enormous post-earthquake challenges such as emotionally stressed staff and clients, insufficient resources and skills and large numbers of new staff. Ineffective management of change, especially where organisations are experiencing unprecedented growth, could undermine organisational success and even result in failure.

Birgit's experience in the management of strategic change across both government and business organizations ideally places her to assist management teams to grow sustainable businesses. In addition, her training as a social worker has enabled her to counsel and support both staff and management who are experiencing considerable change in both work and non-work environments.

After working for a number of businesses and organisations in South Africa, United States of America and New Zealand, Birgit started her own change management consultancy in 2010. Her work experience includes:

bullet the planning and facilitation of ICT focused strategic change initiatives, including the coaching of senior management and key users, the design of the change management process, and the assessment of organisational readiness, barriers and enablers. Her master's thesis evaluated IT-driven change in the South African banking sector
bullet the design and project management of non-ICT focused strategic change initiatives in both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, including the restructuring of departments, the development of multi-ethnic organizational cultures and the empowerment and retraining of employees.
bullet the assessment of organizational and community strengths and weaknesses and the development of programmes, structures and initiatives to address changing priorities.
bullet the coaching of senior management and the development and training of staff in areas as varied as creativity, empowerment, cultural sensitivity and leadership skills

Key strengths: learner, connectedness, strategic, responsibility, and belief
Strength Finder 2.0, 2007, Tom Rath, Gallup Press

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