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key Sales Success Assessment Workshop

An accelerated sales potential and assessment programme

Are you looking for successful sales professionals but don't want the lengthy process of trial and error?

Surveys show that the top four indicators of sales success are self-management skills, maturity, early achievement and social skills.  Business knowledge and prior sales experience are bottom of the list.

With this programme a  person's selling strengths and weaknesses are assessed through the use of diagnostic indicators and live sales simulations.  Valuable insights and information are gained by both parties to assess a career in sales or sales management.

What do others say?

"I found this thought -provoking and I am impressed ....."  - Sharon O

"A totally professional presentation...assessment extremely revealing, has given me some matters for reassessing where my life is to go"  - Richard C

"I have learned a tremendous amount about goals, dreams and time management.  It has been an excellent experience" -  Martin K

"An interesting and informative facilitator; most enjoyable.  I will be departing the course with a warm fuzzy of the professional approach." Joanne H

key SalesQuest

Selling is not telling; it is asking the right questions and listening actively.

The SalesQuest professional selling programme builds awareness of, and commitment to, the 10 key steps of the sales process.

The programme incorporates short video excerpts, sales skills practices and practical sales resources.

What do others say?

"Excellent.  Better than all the rest."

"Refreshing and inspiring."

"...exceptionally worthwhile.  The resources provided will remain useful for a very long time."

"A good, practical course on the steps of selling."

"New ideas create stimulus = increased production."

"Thank you for wonderful practical ideas...."

"I've always known what I should be doing but never been shown before exactly how to do it...."

"I can see a definte improvement for me in several areas...It has been a stimulating exercise."

key DIY Sales Coaching

User-friendly, results-effective resources for sales managers

"If you are in business with a lot of potential and you motivate and energise your staff and give them a sense of direction and the right business tools, they will go out and make money." - J. Boonzaier

bullet Give your sales people (and sales figures) a real lift!

bullet Coach the sales behaviours which correlate with success

bullet Save hours of preparation time

bullet Train and develop sales professionals.

The aim of Lukey Resources original Sales Coaching Programmes is to provide sales managers with practical, structured resources to motivate, train and develop peak performance through instilling the values of relationship selling and by coaching performance.

Lukey Resources have a proven track record in producing stimulating, action-orientated sales coaching programmes which make a difference to the bottom line.

What do others say?

"The introduction of this programme...resulted in an average agent productivity increase of 40% over the last 2 years." - Assistant General Manager

"Feedback terrific- terrific team spirit being developed." - Branch manager

"...the material is absolutely excellent and is is the most up to date logical training I have ever come across." - Agency Manager

"Managers who feared doing it actually enjoyed it...the Manager's Guide educates managers on how to train..." - Regional Training Manager

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