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What did others say about our Corporate Events?

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Conference Feedback  (View Video Feedback)

Congratulations on a conference well organised and received. 

I learnt more in three days than the seven months I have been in the management role. 

Best organised conference I have ever attended. 

Best conference I have been to for 20 years. It was good to be involved personally with so many activities & great stuff & 

Great for knowledge, motivation and team spirit. 

Very well organised. I got a lot out of the conference. 

Very enjoyable. I got a lot out of it. 
Great team atmosphere. 

A most enjoyable conference. 

Have had a great time - even the leisure  activities were geared to reinforce management and training techniques. 

Great conference. Things well put together into theme. 

  A worthwhile experience. 

"I have attended numerous conferences around the world and wish to compliment all concerned as this has to be as good as I've seen, both in terms of focus and of content."
John W Scott, Christchurch Polytechnic

"Thank you Lyall and team for a terrific conference.  As Howard said, it is a world-class event ....."
 Murray Ansell, ThinkUSA

"I thought they (SmartNet Workshops) were a great success and clearly enjoyed.... I thought the keynotes were excellent this year.... I would like to add my congratulations to those I'm sure you already have.  Your team worked incredibly hard and effectively both in advance and during the workshops.  I think this was one of the best "conferences" that I have been to"
Neil Barns, Christchurch College of Education

"I thought the atmosphere and quality of debate and discussion excellent...It was a great organisational feat so congratulations to all in the office for an outstanding event."  
Hon Margaret Austin

"I thought the planning and organisation were excellent.  The quality of the presenters was universally high and many were excellent.  The design of the programme was a huge asset for it all.  Very well thought with respect to both the themes and topics and the mix of presentation modes and different activities."  
Dan Randow, GroupSense

"Congratulations on the success of the SmartNet workshops.  It was wonderful to be part of such a positive event.  I was stimulated by the positive 'can do' attitude of both the presenters and the participants.  It was great to see and hear the management theories that we have been studying  brought to life and applied in practical ways.."
J Fredric, White Fox and Jones

"Very good convention.  Very well organised."
 Chris Dawson, Linclon University

"You and your team have done it again!  Congratulations on your efforts Lyall - the quality of presetations this year was extremely high."
 Russ Skinner

"SmartNet has been a fantastic opportunity.  I am really excited about the people I met and the kind of ideas that came forward and the passion with which this whole experience has come together.  I am now inspired to make business happen in a big way!."
 Jana Lyn-Holly

"SmartNet has taken a key role in encouraging New Zealand companies to reposition themselves fro the Knowledge age."  
Management Magazine, July 2000

"SmartNet provides a vehicle that enables networking and knowledge sharing as well as quality discussions areound strategy for industry development, including the lastest e-commerce issues."  
Ministry of Economic Development, September 2000

Feedback from recent SmartNet Events

A worthwhile experience. 
Brilliant event.  Innovative, fun and refreshing. Client Manager, Geni-i

"Speakers were excellent.  Sales Carpet Court

Really good to hear some actual outside the square' people rather than people just giving lip service.  Qualitative Research Specialist, Vital Marketing

This was a fantastic event and it was full of ideas.  Project Manager, Fairway Homes

Great Presentation, covered great topics- relevant to business and personal.  Salon Co ordinator, Headquarters Hairdresser

Was a wonderful presentation  will head back to work very enthused.  Practice Manager, Aurora Health Centre

Excellent event  Thanks heaps  Mentor Coach, PMG Services

An enjoyable, stimulating couple of hours.  Project Director

Useful tips for dealing with staff and customers.  Librarian

A stimulating and enjoyable presentation with some very interesting points.  Manager

A great investment of money and time.  CEO, Exponential Potential

Fantastic content and presenter  very valid for my own team and the company as a whole.  Southern Regional Manager, TelstraClear Ltd.

Useful networking  caught up with a number of old contacts and made some new contacts.  Managing Director, ICP Biotechnology Ltd.

A wealth of information at the lunch presentation.  Well done.  Programme Leader, Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology

"Excellent presentation and lunch.  Thank you very much.  Training Consultant, Total Training

Presentation exceeded my expectations and provided significant food for thought.  Personal Assistant, Otago Museum

Very interesting and engaging.   Programme Leader, NBCD, ESR

I loved this presentation  well executed, meaningful and good referencing to move forward.  HR Programme Manager, Statistics New Zealand

Have always enjoyed the SmartNet series  invaluable.  Clerk Assistant (Select Committees). Office of the Clerk

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